I got Cancer.  The "C" word.  The statistics are alarming.  My Dad had lung cancer.  Probably died due to the radiation and a stupid fungal infection that the doctor (at a teaching hospital) didn't know he needed to be treating.  Google knew.  The doc cried when he saw the article.

What can we do?  GET WELL FIRST.  Focus on you, and your wellness.  Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally - what do YOU need?  

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Cancer patient, caregiver, or simply a caring friend, here are tools that are of tremendous help.

As a cancer patient, caregiver or friend, your health is YOUR priority.  We need to be well to help others.  Topics regarding our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial health are addressed here regularly.  We have a place to discuss our issues, find events where we can come together as survivors and supporters and generally just get to hang out.  

My hope is that you will find something here today to lift you up, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually so that YOUR health will be enhanced for the better! 


One Woman's Experience of Stage III Ovarian Cancer