Bodywork.  Work on our bodies.  Our Temple of Sacred space.  I felt contaminated when my cancer was active.  I had a woman refuse to get on an elevator with me when my bald head showed that I was actively receiving chemotherapy.  I was asked to leave a classroom at a college by a college professor who told me in front of the entire class that she "could not have me in class, exposing the other students". 

Receiving healing touch during this time is invaluable to our stress levels and our sense of wellbeing.  Reflexology has been shown to reduce stress and nausea during chemotherapy infusions.  More and more Massage Therapists are working in infusion centers giving this sort of stress relieving treatment. 

Training in Oncological Massage is vital.  Having a trained and Certified Massage Therapist working on you and your care givers can be so healing and makes life more peaceful and can help with sleep. 


Healing touch is also an invaluable tool.  Disrobing is not necessary although skin to skin contact can be very soothing and healing in itself.  Massage during Radiation treatments must be timed, and areas may be contraindicated for touch.  Contact Ellen for more information and permission from your Oncologist may be necessary in some conditions. 

Caregivers need a break.  An hour and a half of attention and care can be all a person needs to feel "normal" again.  Take care of yourself and those caring for you!