Cannabis (Marijuana) is now legal for Medical purposes in the State of California, and for Medical and Recreational purposes in the States of Washington, Nevada and Colorado.  

Those of us who remember things like "Reefer Madness" and other taboos regarding Marijuana, may feel hesitant or scared or completely uninformed regarding the pros and cons of Medical Cannibis.  

My story was that I was a "pot-head" in my teens and it was a great way for me to stay apathetic to my situation as a teenager.  I felt I became psychologically addicted to it and avoided it and stayed "sober" until my Neurologist flat out asked me "How do you feel about Pot?" - I nearly fell off my chair!  

This is a Harvard graduate, textbook writing, Internationally known Neurologist who teaches world-wide and he is recommending "POT" for my pain??  I couldn't believe my ears until I heard my husband giggling in the chair next to me.  He had already done the research and had been pestering me for some time to get my medical license and to "try it".  I was terrified.  It all just seemed so "back alley".  I received a note from the Neurologist recommending my license for pain management and held onto the letter until I had done MY OWN research.  Wow. 

I learned the difference between THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).  

I went to the clinic to get my license and had to be examined by the clinic's Doctor to ensure that I was not "faking" my symptoms as California is a 'Medical use only' State.  I passed his exam and was given my license.  I still was unsure I would try anything at all, but I agreed to follow my husband into the dispensary and "check things out".  

Upon entering I saw what appeared to be an old time pharmacy.  Glass cases, filled with clean glass jars, friendly customer service people asking me specific questions about my pain, and calling over different agents who specialized in those areas.  I tried some hand creme as my hands and feet are the main areas of my Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN).  The gentleman helping me was young but had the very gnarled hands of someone with severe Osteoarthritis, and he explained that he was helped by the cremes and salves.  I felt immediate relief from my lack of movement!  Literally within 20 seconds my range of movement was doubled - at least!  I felt a tingle, not really relief from my pain, but definitely felt "better". 

I had to know more.  Ongoing education, participating in Cannabis Clubs throughout Orange County, Ellen has become more educated and has "Coached" many through the process of being seen by a physician, getting their license, and going to the dispensaries.  Having someone by your side as you peruse the maze of information and resources available to you is charged on an hourly basis. Depending on services rendered; Doctor Visits, Dispensary Visits, Check it Out calls, or all of the above, help is here.  $75. an hour depending on distance.

Cannabis Coaching