Healing Services.  Hmmm.  Healing comes only from The Source.  Ellen has been gifted to help people in pain or illness get connection to The Source.  After 30 years of Massage Therapy and Bodywork Ellen was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer.  What?  A holistic healer who has cancer?  Well, this stuff must not work if she can't stay cancer free, right?  

Many factors are considered in the WHY of cancer.  Emotions, Mental Health, Physical Well Being, Environmental Factors, Biological - Genetic Influences, Generational Energies, all play a part in our health.

What do you need?  Keeping her "license to touch" as a Massage Therapist as well as Pranic Healer, and adding the talk therapies of Life Coach and NLP Practitioner Ellen is acutely attuned to what you may need.  Let's talk about this, this leads to that, that leads back to this.  The Roller Coaster ride has a seat next to you.  If you want healing, let's see what can be in store for you. 

We need to agree however there will be one thing that God will chose to NOT heal you from in your life time.  And that is the thing that will kill you.  Not one of us gets off this planet alive, we all leave the same way.  Is this your time?  Good question, great contemplation.  What can I do to be right with The Source before I leave the planet?  Is this the time for you to take some time?  Healing Sessions can be generic in scope and they can be specific in scope.  Generally a Healing Session runs about 45 - 90 minutes long and can be done in the comfort of your home or hospital visits are available.  A generic session utilizes all of the types of healing, touch, energy work, hypnotherapy and / or life coaching.  Talking while touch is taking place can be a powerful tool.

Everyone gets a free 30 minute phone session to discuss what you want / need from our services. We are happy to get to know you on your journey and hope we get to work with you!