As a certified Hypnotherapist, Ellen has seen many clients during the past few years.  From hypnosis for pain in Labor and Delivery to phobia's and PTSD, Ellen is proficient and caring.  

Wanna know what hypnotherapy feels like?  Close your eyes for a minute and take a deep breath.  Now open your eyes.  THAT'S IT!!  You are in control of the sessions and they can be done over the phone or included in a coaching call for a portion of the call (reduced pricing is negotiable).  Better done in person, Ellen practices in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach by appointment only.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and useful tool to help with the stress and questions during this time.  Advance Directives can be confusing and End of Life decisions are difficult to KNOW what you really want when you feel pulled in every direction by people, your own emotions and the voices in your head.  Quiet them all.  Take a vacation from the noise and get alone with yourself and your Higher Power.

Hypnosis is a very effective way to recall the state you need to be in for chemo, discussions with family members or just handling doctor visits.  Carry that vacation with you into the stressful roller coaster ride of Cancer, and all that goes along with it.

Hypnosis is recommended for Caregivers, especially for family or spouses who are caring for the cancer patient.  Self care can be a challenge during this time you've chosen to be a caregiver.  Hypnotherapy can help you rejuvenate, mind, body, spirit.

Take some time for you today.  A session typically runs 45-55 minutes. Prices start at $75 a session.