Meditation and Visualizations

Meditation.  Sounds Woo Woo to me.  At least it did.  Some say Prayer is talking to The Source, and Meditation is listening.  It is being still inside.  There are many forms of meditation, some are still with our body and some are moving.  Qi-Gong is a wonderful moving meditation that draws the energy from nature to ourselves in a flowing gentle way.

Group meditations can be helpful for a family going through this cancer ride together.  

Look at the pictures in the box to the right.  Calming?  Saddening?  Maddening? Which emotions come up for you and why?  Let's get clarity.  Meditation and Visualizations can be helpful to get clarity and awareness.

Sessions usually run 30 minutes to an hour and depend on number of people, reason for meditation (am I teaching you to meditate or leading through a meditation?) and desired outcome.  An agreed upon price should be clarified in the free 30 minute phone conversation.  

Visualizations are a very powerful tool.  Ellen has been trained as a Time Line Dynamics Practitioner and has used this often.  Seeing our past and how it can effect or has affected our present is vital to our health.  Seeing our future and defining what we desire, what that looks like is also vital to our health.  

Make it happen!  See it for yourself.  Let's see what we can create together.  Rates are the same as for Hypnotherapy and can be used as a tool in Hypnotherapy. Visualizations and Time Line Therapy can be used separately as well.  $75 for an hour.