Prana.  Your Life Force, our auric field, our personal bubble, it is called many things, but whatever you call it, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", whatever your name for that part of our selves that extends beyond our physical body, is where Pranic Healing focus'. 

Do you feel stuck in a part of your body and don't understand why?  Maybe you do know why, but can't get un-stuck.  We sometimes carry around trauma, trapped in our tissues, and we can carry trauma in our prana.  Generational Bondages can be carried by us without our knowledge.

Chakras carry the energy for our physical and mental health.  Is your generator working well?  Are you plugged into the One Source?

Chakra clearing is a simple, peaceful treatment with the use of the practitioners hands working in and around your energy field.  Your body may be touched during the process, but usually the work is done around you while you sit or lie comfortably reclined. This is a pleasant technique and can be used as part of your routine during the week of chemo.  

Pranic Healing can be a good indicator of trapped emotion in the body as well.  We have cancer cells in our body often and excrete them on a regular basis.  Why does some cancer "stick"?  Why in THAT area?  You have the answers.  Treatments generally last 45 - 90 minutes and start at $90 for a 45 minute session.  Sessions vary in time and intensity.  No hot showers for 24 hours after a session.

Pranic Healing