How do we offer services to help someone with Cancer?  How does anyone help someone caring for someone with Cancer?  Cancer used to be a death sentence - NO MORE!  That is the good news.  I've spoken to more and more people at seminars and events; and when I mention to them that I wrote a book about my experience with cancer, more often than not, I hear - "Oh what sort of cancer did you have, I had ___ cancer!"

This is remarkable to me.  Not that there is such a high incident rate of cancer, but that there are so many survivors.  Thank God for that! 

It is also remarkable to me that the same level of pollution of our air, water and food is still so mainstream.  Even the medications that we are taking for other issues, can be cancer causing.  Why is this not common knowledge?  We need to bond together to be heard.  I'm doing my part to help.  Let me know what you need and how I can help.