What's YOUR Story?


One Woman's Experience of Stage III Ovarian Cancer

What's YOUR Story?  Sometimes just 5 minutes a week to tell someone who really KNOWS what's going on with you can make all the difference in the world.

​Support Groups at local hospitals didn't work for me.  I found many survivors who unfortunately were using the LCSW or newly graduated MFT (or interns maybe?) as free therapy.  I didn't find help there. 

Cancer Symposiums had many great resources and I found that connecting with other survivors or others in treatment helped me tremendously. 

I have a support group format that can be used anywhere, hospitals, therapeutic settings at Oncology Centers or in your private home. 

Starting a support group is made easy with this format along with 6 months to a year of leadership, is an inexpensive way to provide REAL support to those struggling as either patients, or caregivers.

Contact Ellen at 714-323-1366 to discuss options for you and / or your facility.

This page should be updated soon with facilities using this format!